Welcome to the Mistoria Group property investment glossary which we hope you will find useful. Please drop us line if there are terms not covered here that you would like explained as we are always adding to the full list.

  • Bear Market
    A market in which prices are predicted to fall or may have already started to.
  • Capital Gains Tax
    Tax that must be paid upon the selling of an asset.
  • Chattel
    A term for a personal possession, often used by will-writers.
  • Construction Finance
    The money secured to cover the cost of land development or construction.
  • Joint Venture
    A joint contract between two or more parties.
  • Liability
    The legal obligation to pay a debt.
  • Liquidation
    Selling assets in order to be able to pay off outstanding debts.
  • Long Term Property Investment
    A property that is bought for an investment and is held for 5 or more years.
  • Nominal Value
    The going rate of an asset of sold at a specific time.
  • Notary
    An individual who is employed to witness the signing of contracts and legal documents, often referred to as a Notary Public, they are usually required when property deeds are signed in Europe.
  • Property Bonds
    Money that has been invested in property.
  • Property Investment Blog
    An online forum in which someone writes about property investment.
  • Property Management Company
    A company that carries out the day to day management of buy-to-let properties.
  • Real Value
    The amount that would be paid for an asset.
  • Recovery
    A period of growth following a recession.
  • Seized Property
    Property that has been taken from the original owner, likely due to unpaid mortgage payments.
  • Senior Debt
    A debt that should be paid first.
  • Short Sale
    Selling a property for less than it is worth in order to gain a quick result.
  • Student Let
    A property that has been bought with the intention to let out to students.

Mistoria Group prides itself on using plain English in all of its communications and documentation, however we also realise that some terms we have to use aren’t always clearly understood by investors. This page should help explain these as many are derived from legal terms and may have Latin roots.

If you need further clarification we would be happy to help. Or if you come across a term in one of our documents that we haven’t explained well then please bring it to our attention so we can amend it. Our aim is to ensure 100% clarity.

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